Specialist Insurance Services – Property Managers

We have expertise in the provision of specialist services to Property Managers and Property Management Companies.

We effectively become your “Insurance Department” and remove a great deal of the time consuming work such as the chasing up of claims settlements, negotiation with Insurers for terms, alternative quotations at renewal or the calculation of premiums due on a “flat by flat” basis. All of which frees up your time to do what you do best – Property Management.

The actual Insurance arrangement clearly needs to be made up individually to suit each Property Management Company. However, the key areas where we can offer assistance are as follows:

  • Claims – from notification to completion we act on your behalf saving you valuable administration time. Instead of chasing up    claims yourselves with the Insurer (speaking to a different person every time you phone), we do the chasing and you have a single named point of contact with us.
  • Documentation – our computer system is specially designed to provide extremely comprehensive information for you.  This of course is tailored to your requirements.
  • Premiums – our experience and relationships with Insurers allows for positive negotiation and beneficial rating.
  • Renewals – obtaining competitive terms with current insurers and alternative quotations we will act on your behalf and provide our professional recommendations.
  • Payment –  Low interest rates can often be negotiated for clients looking to use the Insurers monthly direct debit facilities.

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